Hello!  Please stay tuned for information coming soon about our 2019 Mead Marching Madness Event.  Wishing you and your families a very happy holiday season!! 

We strive to make this a very fun event, open for all skill levels from casual walkers to serious runners.  If you have any feedback on how we can make this event better, please contact us at meadmarchingmadness@gmail.com .  We appreciate your feedback very much. Thank You!!!


The Course


The course begins and ends at Mead High School,  in the west parking lot.   We will start by following the school parking lot east, coming out onto Hastings Rd.  Out of the parking lot you turn left onto Hastings and go east for a half a block until you reach Ruby.   At Ruby, we turn left and go north until you reach Farwell.  Turn right onto Farwell and continue east again to Addison  (By Prospectors and Twigs).  We then turn left onto Addison and continue north through the housing area until you come out onto Mill Rd.   At Mill Rd, you turn left and go south.   We will then continue south on Mill Rd until you get back to Hastings Rd.  Turn left onto Hastings Rd and head east again,  finishing back at the school.