2019 Results

Thank you so much to all our 2019 participants and sponsors!!

It was so great to see you all for the 2019 Mead Marching Madness 5K!!  The weather cooperated enough by melting most of the snow and the rain stayed away!

We had a very competitive group of runners and walkers and had ties in more than one category – WOW!!

We hope you all had fun & just want to say THANK YOU again for supporting our wonderful, amazing kids!!!!

And a HUGE thank you to our parents and students who volunteered to help us today!!! This event is run 100% by volunteers and we could not do it without all of you!!

Presenting our 2019 Top Finishers:  (male  /  female)

1st Place Overall:  Issac Knight  /  Danielle Beauchemin

2nd Place Overall:  Ken Wendt  /  Cheryl Wolfe

3rd Place Overall:  Seth Iron Cloud   /  Jennifer Gaffaney

Age 0-12 (male / female)

1st Place: Solomon Chen  / Lucy Ward

2nd Place: Simon Ward  /  Sheba Chen

3rd Place: Gavin Baird  /  Ofilia Quindlen

Age 13-17   (male / female) 

1st Place: Issac Knight   /  Danielle Beauchemin

2nd Place: Jean Tissot   /   Kaitlynn Mitchell

3rd Place: Cole  Havens  /  n/a

Age 18-29  (male / female)

There were no men in this age bracket  – the ladies swept this one!

1st Place: TIE – Lindsey Lee and Bridgette Strasser

2nd Place: Natalie Michaelis

3rd Place: Hanna Havens

Age 30-39  (male / female) 

We only had 1 man in this category so congrats to brave Matthew!

1st Place:  Matthew Tysor  /  Heather Mackey

2nd Place:  n/a  /   Elizabeth Guettinger

3rd Place:   n/a  /  Shelly Burnette

Age 40-49   (male / female)

1st Place:  Seth Iron-Cloud  /  Jennifer Gaffaney

2nd Place:  Brian Fleck  /  Danna Stamps

3rd Place: Scott Bohn  /  Jamie Baird

Age 50-59   (male/female)

1st Place:  Jim Michaelis  /  Kathie Woolett

2nd Place:   Jim Midkiff  /  Laurie Wendt

3rd Place:  Greg Brain  /  Bethanie Powell

Age 60-69  (male  / female)

Again we only had 1 brave man in this category – way to go Ken!

1st Place: Ken Wendt  /  Cheryl Wolfe

2nd Place:   n/a  /  Barbara Earl

3rd Place:  n/a  / Corinne Rowe-Juniel

Age 70+  (male  /  female)

This category had some competitors! We had ties for 1st place for both men & women!! WOW!

1st Place:  TIE: Art Reinhart and Stan Mrzygod  /  TIE:  Mary McArthur  and  Carolyn McCanna

2nd Place:  n/a  /  Louise Stumke

All of our 70+ entrants placed in 1st or 2nd place -  way to go!!!

We hope to see you all next year!!!